WordPress Development

A third of all websites on the internet are built with WordPress. It’s powerful, adaptive and allows us to meet all of your needs. We hope you’ll love using it too, to add new text, news posts and more.

CMS – a set of tools that provide your business with a way to manage digital content through your website

Running your website shouldn’t be a chore. We will build you a content management system in WordPress bespoke to your needs so keeping your website up-to-date is as easy as it should be.

Responsive – making your website work and fit on any device, e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android phone

Using Bootstrap and CSS (sorry about the jargon!) we will make sure that your website is responsive, works perfectly and looks as good as it should no matter what screen size.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation, making your website be seen and gain as much traffic as possible

When creating your site we will build it in a way that makes it as SEO friendly as possible. We will also build in a SEO tool into WordPress that will guide you when working with your content.

Analytics – gives you an insight on how users interactive with, and find their way to your website, eg via Google Search

Google Analytics is the gold standard of website analytics. We will build this into your site allowing you to gain maximum insight. Data such as amount of sessions, average time spent on page, acquisition will all be available and updated in real-time.


During and after the process of creating the website we will always be here. We’ll be on hand to answer any questions and see to any issues regarding the website through our accessible team.